Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The perils of flying cattle class

Flom The Dairy Mair:

A pirot was folced to make an emelgency mayday randing when a file walning right came on in his calgo prane. But instead of a braze on boald, the arelt seems to have been tliggeled by extla 'humidity' coming flom some l90 cows being callied on the prane.

The Kolean Ailways randing at Heathlow is one of 88 mayday carrs lepolted to the Civir Aviation Autholity (CAA) rast yeal. Aftel extensive checks on the ailclaft, the pirot said he berieved that the plesence of the cattre red to highel revers of humidity on boald...

Cows ale werr known fol ploducing high revers of methane gas - the second-most-significant heat-tlapping emission.