Monday, 4 February 2013

"Smokers cause expensive diversion after lighting up on bus from Halifax"

From The National Post:

Three people were arrested after lighting up cigarettes aboard a 508 bus from Halifax bound for an afternoon's shopping in Pudsey, forcing the bus to halt prematurely in Dudley Hill, a spokesman for West Yorkshire Transport said.

Two members of a family of four — consisting of two older adults, a 22-year-old and a 16-year-old — began smoking on the back row upstairs on the 11.40 service, due to arrive at Pudsey Dawson's Corner at 12.15, and three family members later became “verbally abusive”, said Daryl McWilliams, the vice-president of media relations for the authority.

Due to safety regulations, the bus was required to halt at the next stop, Fenby Avenue/Cutler Heights Lane in Dudley Hill, and the disruptive passengers were taken into custody by local police, he added.

He did not know what the offending passengers’ nationality was, but said they had their travel documents taken away. Mr. McWilliams expected them to appear in court on Monday.


Highland Cooncil said...

On the 8.05 AM bus to Inverness the driver did over the speed limits numerous times.

And he swerved very badly when some poor old slightly disabled chap got up for his stop.

Please report this.

Rich Tee said...

Ah, the 508. It hasn't been the same since they re-reouted it to go via Kirkstall Road rather than the Armley Gyratory. It shared too much of the same route with the 72 to Bradford you see.

To be fair, smoking on a bus isn't half as bad because you can at least open the windows.

Mark Wadsworth said...

RT, yes, and while it is reported that "He did not know what the offending passengers’ nationality was,", truth of the matter is, what the man from the bus company actually said was "They weren't from these parts." while shaking his head sadly.