Friday, 8 February 2013

"I just wanted to turn the clocks back" court hears shock and shame of Vicky Pollard

From The Evening Standard:

The ex-GF of disgraced former estate bully Chris today told a court of her shock and shame when news broke of the row over of their dodgy car deals.

Vicky Pollard said she had "wanted to, like, turn the clocks back, innit, because he said that means we can sell them for more, yeah? That's not illegal is it, right?". As a result she "hid" from Shaznay when she threatened to tell Keanu, the court heard.

Pollard had told Shaznay that her BF had forced her to help tamper with the mileometers as he was under a suspended sentence at the time in 2003. Shaznay agreed Pollard would not be identified in the Twitter account of the conversation, which appeared in May 2011, as the person who had turned back the clock on the car which Keanu Miller had bought from the pair.

But when it was published she immediately feared people would read between the lines and identify her. "I was a bit, like, shocked and horrified, right, and started, y'know, worrying very significantly, yeah, about the whole process that, sort of, had led to the Tweet. Know what I mean?" she told the jury at Southwark Crown Court.

"In my mind, yeah, I just wanted to turn the clocks back, innit, because I wanted to sort of help Chris, it didn't mean nuffink, I was, like, quite shocked at the way that bitch Shaznay told everybody, bitch, and I was sort of beginning to feel I had perhaps been, like, manipulated and things had probably been pushed too far. Yeah?"

She added: "I felt pretty, y'know, bad and not happy, right, at being involved in this as I felt I was not able to sort of control the story at all. I could do nothing about this now and I felt quite ashamed and upset. Yeah but no but yeah but no but."