Wednesday, 27 February 2013

"Cristiano Ronaldo targetted during match"

From The Daily Mail:

Cristiano Ronaldo was targeted with an air rifle during last night's football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid prompting fears of a new trend of 'footballers attacking footballers'. In an attempt to put off Real Madrid's star man, the Portuguese forward had dangerous airgun pellets fired directly at him countless times by Ashley Cole who was in the stand at the Nou Camp in Barcelona.

Air rifles are commonly used at Chelsea's training ground but are now becoming widespread at football matches.


A K Haart said...

All this improved marksmanship has come about since alcohol bans were introduced.

DBC Reed said...

Is there any legitimate use for the laser pen ,which is what this story is about?If you wish to point at something during a lecture,can't you use a long stick?

Bayard said...

DBC, They're brilliant for amusing kittens.