Monday, 28 January 2013

"Red-faced Angela Merkel discovers Herman Goering's pornography stash in her office"

From The Daily Mail:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is this week faced with the tricky question of what to do with a large number of explicit black and white photographs discovered to be part of a collection of pornography amassed by Hitler's deputy Hermann Goering.

The existence of the stash was uncovered by journalists writing for news magazine Der Spiegel about Nazi items that should have been returned to their owners but are still scattered about government guest houses, offices and museums.

Mrs Merkel is said to be furious with her aides at the embarrassing revelation, coming as it does months before her third bid for power in the general election and with the opposition snapping at her heels.

It is understood the photographs will be removed from her top right hand desk drawer by the end of the week. Over a thousand claims for return of the collection have been received by Merkel's office, none of which has been yet authenticated.


Ben Jamin' said...

Never mind the loot, what in the hell are they going to do about the Racoons?

Ian Hills said...

But what about the kinky photos of Angela Merkel dressed up as an Obergruppenfuhrer?

Mark Wadsworth said...

BJ, you can file those in the same drawer as GIANT NAZI COWS.

IH, that was Ed Balls, although I can see the similarity.

Ben Jamin' said...


From an article in the Telegraph about Nazi dogs

""Part of the Nazi philosophy was that there was a strong bond between humans and nature - they believed a good Nazi should be an animal friend.
"Indeed, when they started interning Jews, the newspapers were flooded with outraged letters from Germans wondering what had happened to the pets they left behind.""

It appears the Germans not only believed Jews were sub-human, but sub-animal.

Ben Jamin' said...

Btw, in the interests of fairness and enlightened political debate, would you mind posting a photo of The RH Mr Balls in his SS uniform?

I, for one, would find this very useful for helping me understand his political and economic philosophy.

Many thanks.

Mark Wadsworth said...

BJ, do you think that is true about the Nazi dogs? Seems a bit unlikely to me.

And no, the grainy black and white photo of Ed Balls is not very interesting, it's just a younger and less repulsive version of him in Nazi uniform. I prefer the ones of Harry in Nazi uniform, at least they are in colour.