Monday, 14 January 2013

Perhaps not being able to get their hands on some nice weed is making them cross?

From the BBC:

The possession and use of all illegal drugs should be decriminalised, a very cross party group of peers has said.

The least harmful should be regulated and sold in licensed shops, with labels detailing risks, the group concluded. The All-Party Parliamentary Visibly Irritated Group on Drug Policy Reform (APPVIG) said criminal sanctions did not combat drug addiction, and only marginalised users.

A recent call by MPs for a royal commission on drug decriminalisation was rejected by the prime minister, who said he didn't have any problems getting hold of what he needed.

The APPVIG - comprising two Bad Tempered, two Really Miffed, one Livid peer and four very cross benchers - took evidence from 31 experts and organisations, including the Association of Chief Pissed Off-icers and the Advisory Can't Get Hold of Drugs.


Dr Evil said...

I've been saying that they should be decriminalised, regulated for purity and strength, taxed and sold in pharmacies. This will slash crime enormously. Until the scrotes find another wheeze to make wads of cash.

Barnacle Bill said...

One has to wonder if our politicians and senior police officals are not in some alternative Costa Nostra.
Where they would rather see the profits from drugs disappear, rather than have them taxed and maybe do the country some good.
I wonder if anyone has found out how much it costs the NHS each year to treat those affected by duff drugs?

Mark Wadsworth said...

BB, the "cost to the NHS" is dwindingly small, the real cost is the crime we suffer and policing the same, plus loss of tax revenues from legalised drugs. You can pencil in £20 billion a year cost cuts plus revenue raised from all that.