Friday, 18 January 2013

"Man is run over and killed by his dog"

From The Daily Mail:

A man was killed after his dog pressed down on the accelerator of his car and ran him over.

James Campbell, 68, had got out of his car to open metal gates at the driveway to his Florida home when the accident happened. As he stood by the gates his pet bulldog jumped into the well of the driver's seat and pressed down on the accelerator. The vehicle surged backwards and trapped him under its wheels.

The victim's partner 56 year old Iris Fortner had desperately tried to stop the car before it backed into Campbell. She was in the driver's seat but was unable to prevent the accident.

Wot? She admits to being in the driver's seat but "the dog did it"? Presumably the same dog which always "ate her homework".

All in all, sounds like a likely tail to me.


Ian Hills said...

"I was just passing Harriet Harman with a machine-gun, officer", I said, "when a sparrow flew down and pulled the trigger with its claws. Unfortunately the same thing happened as I passed Germaine Greer and Jo Brand later on."

Mark Wadsworth said...

IH, that's the spirit!

TheFatBigot said...

Presumably you have mentioned this event because the dog managed to get the car moooooving.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TFB, there are far fewer cow attacks in winter because the ignorant walkers with their yappy little dogs aren't out taunting cattle. So let's cover dog attacks instead (if that is what this was).