Thursday, 24 January 2013

"Fall in crime in England and Wales may be exaggerated"

From the BBC:

A study of crime trends in England and Wales suggests the fall in offences recorded by police may have been exaggerated.

The Office for National Statistics said the "rate of reduction" in recorded crime "may overstate" the decrease.

It found police-recorded offences fell by 93%, compared with 17% by data.


. said...

Hilarious indeed. So keen were police "leaders" to appear to be doing well (see many police blogs) they over-egged it and now the performance figures are being used as a reason to cut police spending.



Kj said...

It's the lead innit?

Bayard said...

BE, you can bet, though that these selfsame "leaders" won't be the ones to feel the cuts, the brunt of which will most likely fall on the rank and file.