Thursday, 31 January 2013

"Bullet ricochets off boar, kills man in a freak accident"

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A motorist traveling through the Oise department in France died Sunday after receiving a bullet in the head. His death was the result of an incredible accident. According to French news sources on Jan. 30, hunters were tracking a wild boar when one of them took a shot at the animal and the bullet ricocheted off the boar, hitting the passing motorist in the head.

When police arrived and investigated the scene, investigators could not understand how such an accident could happen. "Everything is still to be clarified," stressed the prosecutor. Throughout the day investigators carefully scrutinized the ground in search of a projectile, which would be a clue that might explain the tragedy.

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In other animal related news, from The Daily Mail:

A cow has been causing chaos on Scotland’s busiest road during rush-hour this morning after charging on to the motorway.

Traffic was at a standstill for more than an hour after the rogue animal managed to escape from a field and get onto the M8 motorway near Glasgow Airport.

Strathclyde Police were alerted to the incident at junction 29 of the Glasgow to Edinburgh route at around 8.30am... Despite the best efforts of its captors, the cow roamed on the road for more than an hour....

Drivers caught up in the widespread traffic jams managed to see the funny side with one Twitter user labelling the incident as ‘udder pandemonium’.

Another person tweeted: 'Theres a cow on the M8 - I bet its causing udder mayhem. All the commuters will be milking it cos they’ll be late until someone moooooves it.'

St Mirren player Lee Mair got in on the act saying: 'I think the cow was trying to get to Moootherwell, Calfcart, Udderston or Barnhead!!'

He then added: 'The cow wasn't going to Castlemilk or Cowglen. He was on his way to the airport to get a flight to Moscow!!! #Cow #M8 '


Graeme said...

if wild boar are starting to wear body-armour, then we have real problems coming...

Ian Hills said...

"Throughout the day investigators carefully scrutinized the ground in search of a projectile".

It was in his head, wasn't it?

Mark Wadsworth said...

G, no, it's the French who can't shoot straight. "It bounced off a boar" what a load of rubbish.

IH, a good point and well made!