Monday, 10 December 2012

Fun Online Polls: Over at The Sun

I was going to cut and paste the following Prohibitionist diatribe from today's Sun, by Tory MP Philip Davies...

I DON’T want any relaxation of the laws.

So much crime is fuelled by people getting addicted to drugs, so the idea that you’ll solve that by legalising everything is for the birds. Reputable retailers are not going to start selling hard drugs, so this would have the effect of legitimising some very unpleasant people.

Drugs cause so much misery, not so much to the people taking them, but to their families and the victims of crime. It’s naive to think that by liberalising the market you will solve the problem.

(For some reason, proper libertarian Dick Puddlecote still seems to hold Mr P Davies in high regard, f- knows why on the basis of outpourings like this.)

... when their Fun Online Poll caught my eye: so far, over 20,000 votes have been cast and 85% are in favour of legalising cannabis, despite the Sun newspaper being, on the face of it at least, very anti-legalisation (but the way they manipulate public opinion is so subtle and so clever, that they might be deliberately putting the case for Prohibition so badly as to drive people the other way, who knows?).

Which I thought was not only chucklesome but also rather heartening.


A K Haart said...

"they might be deliberately putting the case for Prohibition so badly as to drive people the other way"

It's a difficult case to put well because prohibition has been such an obvious disaster. Even for an MP, Philip Davies makes a poor job of it though.

Graeme said...

why dont' they package these "deadly scary" drugs like they do booze and fags, plaster them with health warnings, impose excise dutis and sell them in Tesco? Surely this will be a vote winner.

Bayard said...

G, because it would upset the Neo-puritans who must be very powerful politically, considering their sucess with puritan measures like the smoking ban.