Monday, 17 December 2012

Daily Mail on top form!

From The Daily Mail*:

A troubled 20-year-old loner with a history of autistic behavior is the monster behind a horrific shooting at a Connecticut elementary school that left 26 people, including 20 children, dead on Friday. Adam Lanza shot his mother, Nancy, at the upscale suburban home they shared together and then took three of her guns and drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School about 9.30am...

Lanza and his mother, Nancy, lived in a well-to-do part of Newtown, a prosperous community of 27,000 people about 60 miles northeast of New York City. Neighbors said that the mother always took great pride in her Colonial-style house, and always kept her home tidy. The four-bedroom, three-bathroom house is estimated to be worth around $537,000, and is situated on 2.19 acres of land.

* Via Peter_2008 at HPC.


Ben Jamin' said...

From today's telegraph. Serious debate on the issue of gun control.

America's fascination with guns and it's horrific murder rate is the result of a tragic spelling mistake.

The 2nd Amendment should have read

"The Right to Bare Arms"

There was a puritan movement at the time, for not just women but men to dress moderately too.

This amendment was to counter this and allow men and women to work without getting too hot and sweaty.

21 minutes ago
Actually, it's "the right to arm bears".

It was an Animal Rights initiative. Way ahead of its time.

David Falconer
32 minutes ago
Actually you're wrong, it was indeed the right to Bear Arms ....... however this was at a time when the Grizzly population was getting out of control, so the government sought the local populace to help control its numbers.

22 minutes ago
Or the right to Bear arms?

ie, everyone is allows to carry the upper limbs severed from dead bears?

26 minutes ago
Or the right to bear alms perhaps?

ie, brandish a collect box for the sick and needy in public?

Graeme said...

How many people would he have killed if he had come from an untidy house?

Bayard said...

G, none, probably. Surely you know that a tidy house is a sign of a sick mind.