Monday, 19 November 2012

"Sobering thought: British children susceptible to brainwashing"

From The Metro:

They were tricked into telling researchers that alcohol promotions encouraged excessive drinking, pointing out it was 'cheaper to buy a three-litre bottle of cider than buy a ticket to go to the cinema'. The 16- to 24-year-olds had also been persuaded that there was a widespread culture of 'drinking to get drunk' despite there being little evidence to support this.

Tom Smith, from Alcohol Concern, which carried out the study, said that this showed how susceptible children were to the constant lies and propaganda pumped out by his own taxpayer funded organisation.

"This is further proof of the impact which our disinformation is having on the mental health and wellbeing of our young people," he said. "They have dutifully parroted loud and clear that the way in which alcohol is priced influences the way they drink, even though the only reason they said it is because we told them to and then asked leading questions."

The latest findings back up previous research showing British children are more likely to have been brainwashed by the age of 13 than children from almost anywhere else in Europe. Alcohol Concern claims government-funded lies and propaganda is 44 per cent more widespread now than it was in 1980 and that there are 25 per cent more off-licences.

Nearly seven out of ten young people told researchers that cheaper alcohol from off-licences compared with pubs and bars influenced their drinking habits. The Home Office claimed it was working hard to step up the level of brain washing being directed at the general public. It said: "Introducing a minimum unit price is just one of a range of measures the government is taking to create the impression is tackling alcohol-related crime and disorder in our local communities."


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