Friday, 9 November 2012

"Punters shocked how Zumba prostitute turns out to be an honors student, charity fundraiser and great mom"

From The Daily Mail:

The shocking claims that a Zumba prostitute in Kennebunk, Maine used her dance studio as a place for charity fundraising has thrown the tight knit New England community into a state of disbelief.

Married men who made furtive visits to the accused Alexis Wright say she's the last person they thought would get caught up in headline-grabbing charity fund-raising events benefiting Toys for Tots and breast cancer research, since she was a top class hooker who promised them anonymity.

The charity fund-raising case involving the bubbly 'masseuse' and more than 100 disgruntled 'clients' has made international headlines from this seaside town of 10,000 known for its cold beaches, uptight housewives in charming homes and Tom's of Maine toothpaste, as well as the nearby 'Summer Toilet' which President George H.W. Bush once used when in office.


Kj said...

She's a good looking woman, and obviously had a lot going for her. It's sad that she would get involved in such a disturbing activity like Zumba. Seriously, have you seen the Zumba commercials?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Kj, you can see how the advertising could lead a respectable prostitute or stripper into seeing it as part of her day job.

Kj said...

That's just what I'm talking about Mark, advertising trying to normalise Zumba in the cultural psyche. It's demeaning to women I say. And men. And it's particulary demeaning to the classic punters of such services, middle-aged women who should be taking care of these needs behind closed doors in front of the telly.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Kj: "middle-aged women who should be taking care of these needs behind closed doors in front of the telly."

That sounds a bit rude :-)