Monday, 4 June 2012

The Naughty List

I think congratulations are in order!

Three organisations at least partly controlled and/or funded by the UK government have put together a Naughty List of bloggers who are a thorn in the side of the anti-tobacco industry, or "Big Anti-Tobacco" as we might call it:

So well done to:
Simon Clark
Dick Puddlecote
Chris Snowdon
Dave Atherton
Carl V Philips
Tim Haigh
John Luik
Frank Davis
I'm a bit miffed that the following two didn't make the Naughty List, because I would have voted them if it had been democratically decided:

Pat Nurse
And may I remind people that doing propaganda against its own citizens is not really something that governments should be doing?


Woman on a Raft said...

Not much cop at research, are they? they've forgotten Nothing 2 Declare.

Jay said...

It's early days with the wiki. Leg-Iron, Pat, N2D, and the rest of us (including you) will be on there eventually. I utterly agree with your reminder. Anyway, this is what happens when tobacco control has no further arguments - they stop attacking Big Tobacco and go after the consumers and anyone else who makes a stand against the hate.

Mark Wadsworth said...

WOAR, that's a good site, why don't you contact TT and remind them?

Jay, although I would be honoured to be on the Naughty List, I can't put myself anywhere some of the others, they actually organise real life anti-Big-Anti Tobacco events and stuff. So if they added me, that would just dilute the impact.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Yes, those are strange omissions, especially Leg Iron. Perhaps it's because they didn't want to publicise too widely the nickname "Dreadful Arnott" in case it catches on. ;)

Ta for the link.

Anonymous said...

There is more here:

"Smoke Free South West pays a Dutch private detective agency to spy on anti tobacco control."

Mark Wadsworth said...

DP, my pleasure.

DA, there's nothing so bad it can't get worse.

The Stigler said...

Ironically, they're also raising their Google position...

Definitely worth a whole load of FOI requests as it's part of University of Bath and therefore public money.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS, we would like to think so and yes, respectively.

Pat Nurse MA said...

What could they say about me ; "Pat Nurse. Child smoker. Getting older. Still alive and very healthy. Damn. Must tray harder."

They've silenced me and others like me through my MP Karl McCartney who is also on the list for voting against the tobacco display ban.

Mark Wadsworth said...

PNMA, ah yes, but the way they tell it, you are actually in the employment of cigarette manufacturers, and you are being paid to go round telling people to smoke.

James Higham said...

I'm in there too but best it doesn't show up so I don't get trolled.

Pat Nurse MA said...

Mark - they are nuts. Simple as :)