Tuesday, 26 July 2011

"Or something like that"

From ABC Western Queensland:

Police have used capsicum spray to subdue a kangaroo that attacked an elderly woman in Charleville in Queensland's south-west... Police officers were called to the house on the old Cunnamulla Road on Sunday after reports that a woman had been knocked to the ground and kicked several times by a kangaroo.

Senior Sergeant Stephen Perkins said he's never heard* of a similar incident. "The officers had to use their O-C spray on the kangaroo to avoid being attacked. Once the kangaroo was sprayed, it left the immediate area. Quite often dogs do attack police officers and we are forced to use capsicum spray on the dog to stop being bitten, but never on a kangaroo," he said.

Mrs Johnson's son, Rob Johnson, said authorities should consider euthanasing the red kangaroo that attacked his elderly mother. The kangaroo was probably someone's pet that's turned aggressive, said Mr Johnson, "It's either got to be put down or penned up in a zoo or something like that."

The article continues in the same merry vein for several paragraphs, well worth a read.

* I note that the Australians are mixing up their past tenses in the same way the English now do. What the reporter should have written is "Senior Sergeant Stephen Perkins said that he had never heard..."

Spotted by John B.


Deniro said...

The Kangarooo is now seasoned for curry.

formertory said...

My Antipodean colleague said "Strewth!" :-))

I kid you not.

john b said...

Preemptive revenge of the humans here.