Monday, 19 July 2010

"Fifteen injured in stray cow attack"

From The [Goa] Herald:

About 15 persons were injured, after they were attacked by a stray cow near Kadamba bus stand at Bicholim on Wednesday morning... However, Bicholim Municipal Council (BMC) employees along with the members of Animal Rescue Squad Bicholim caught the cow, which died later due to rabies. It is learnt that the cow had been bitten by a rabid dog...


Lola said...

Ahhh? The plot thickens. Here is new evidence that perhaps cows are just the agents of dissaffected dogs. Woe betide us if we don't give our adored pets enough lovely long walks. Or tasty treats. Or permit them to sit on the best furniture. It is clear that when you stare into their blank brown eyes there is actually something going behnind them. It's just that they are expert at concealing it.

(PS do we think that the 'attack fox' was in some way in the pay of its canine friends?)