Thursday, 26 November 2009

FakeCharity Of The Day

Andrew K over at Bishop Hill has a look at The Climate Outreach and Information Network. And doesn't like what he sees.

Thanks to Banned for the tip-off.


Robin Smith said...

I've been to many events arranged by COIN. Has anyone here ? Some are bollox like anything. Some have been excellent. Others a bit in between. This seems normal for any organisation I can think of.

Are we then saying that:

1) all orgs should be labelled waste
2) or only the ones that make us feel insecure and fearful ?

As you know I assert that CC is a dangerous red herring. The real problem is the monopoly state and the trolls that support it, unwittingly as a "civic service".

Big Fossil loves trolls. Saves them work.

Anonymous said...

No Robin, what "we" are saying is that organisations that suckle from the public teat but masquerade as charities should carry a warning label:

"This organisation is funded by the government whether you like it or not, and we will continue to peddle any old bullshit they tell us to"

Unknown said...

Oh come on fellows- The fact that we are a charity is neither here nor there- we are just trying to engage the public with same information as that provided by every major scientific institution in the world, on every school and university curriculum, and in the policy for every government department.

You can complain as much as you like about what we saybut the fact that we are charity is irrelevant. And we are hardly a money making conspiracy: after 20 years in this business I earn scarcely more than an entry level primary school teacher.

George Marshall- founder, Climate Outreach Information Network