Friday, 11 September 2009

Victimhood Poker World Series: We have a winner!

The winning* entry was posted by Ross, please go and read it here, the challenge being to take a random event and interpret in the style of Joseph Harker at Comment is Free.

* In fact it was the only entry, but he set a very high standard, right down to the glaring factual and logical errors as well as unsupported anecdotal evidence, yet somehow managing to romp home to the bizarre and wholly insubstantiated conclusion that the CIA is involved in the oppression of blacks in just about every country in the world.


James Higham said...

Well done also to the runners up who failed to submit their entries on time.

Ross said...

Whist I am proud to win this prize- and I dedicate my ward to all the Bedouin lesbian hill farmers of Nicaragua- as a white male I realise that I only won because the poor, the black, the gay and the dispossessed of this world were denied the option of entering the Victimhood Poker World Series by the global corporate elites.

Free Mumia.