Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Reader's Letter Of The Day

From The Metro:

I was shocked to see that 78 per cent of people in your text poll* don't think the NHS should cut jobs.

I'm a nurse and I'd love to see some cuts. Far too many are paid a fortune to make terrible decisions and chase ridiculous targets. Bin them all and let's get back to making ill people better.

MD, Glasgow.

* Now down to 73 per cent, as it happens.


The Economic Voice said...

What a breath of fresh that nurse is. I wonder how many of the people who voted have had recent experience of the NHS and the people who work in it.

I don't just mean the doctors and nurses. I also mean the administrators, accountants and managers you never see.

How many patients have met a hospital manager? There is a disconnect here. The managers look after the hotel function, so should be doing the rounds just like the doctors. Not sitting in offices looking at spread sheets.

Then we'd find out the good ones.

James Higham said...

Think we're arguing a bit cross purposes here.

Anonymous said...

Got to love that nurse! I wholeheartedly agree...Doctors should tend to the sick and leave the well alone.