Friday, 28 December 2007

Rep. Ron Paul talks sense

Via Right Side Forum, comes this ...

Jumping H F***! How much commonsense can these PC journalists handle?

Ron Paul, you rock!


Yehudi said...

Thanks for dropping in, Mark! I'm not sure I like Ron Paul...he doesn't take the stand for Israel that I would like to see. I may go with Guiliani, but I'm a bit undecided at this point. Have a great weekend!
BTW, we say , "Shabbat shalom!"

Mark Wadsworth said...

Y!, my pleasure.

OK, I'm in the UK, not the US, and I'm not Jewish, but what strikes me is, rather than doing MORE for Israel, we can achieve the same thing (for much cheaper) by doing LESS for these Islamic countries - i.e. NOT PAYING the $10 bn to Pakistan that Ron Paul mentioned, NOT selling weapons to Saudi Arabia (and before them, to Saddam), NOT funding Hamas/PLO/Fatah via the UN and the European Union, NOT supporting the narco-state that is Afghanistan etc etc.

Scott Freeman said...

Indeed Dr. Paul does rock. I'd vote for him.