Saturday, 19 November 2022

Climate change: the real cause?

This is a very interesting talk on what seems very likely to be the real cause of climate change. If you disregard the conventional alarmism, what is presented is a process that both increases the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and causes warming. One does not cause the other, both are caused by the same thing.

Who needs pseudo-science when you can have facts?


johnd2008 said...

I find it rather depressing that everyone seems to accept the premise that climate change is caused by man's activities.The clearly observable fact that the climate has been changing ever since the earth has had a climate is conveniently forgotten.
Still, what good is a bandwagon if no one jumps on it. A very good living can be made by ramping up the fear factor for the gullible.

Bayard said...

J, there is a vast difference between all climate change being caused by man, which is the basis of the pseudo-religion de jour and some climate change being caused by man, which is likely to be the case, as demonstrated in this talk. There is no doubt that what covers the Earth's surface has a large effect on the climate in that place. Deserts are hot and dry because they are deserts as much as vice versa. There is a wealth of archaeological evidence that the deserts along the north coast of Africa are man-made and there can be no doubt that that area had a different climate when it was fertile.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Desertification = bad

Regreening deserts = good. I don't see any downsides.

Coincidentally, a load of similar articles and YT videos have popped up on my feeds over the past couple of years, there are various ways of doing this successfully, so seems do-able in many places.

Scrobs. said...

I can't see why any of these deserts cannot be redeveloped as sun-and sand holiday resorts! After all Dubai was a one-street wonder only a few years ago, there's some sort of ball game going on in Qyuater, or some odd place, and it's all done on oil dosh!

Anyone remember what Calella was really like in the 1960s?

(And if you did, don't mention Franco after a few San Miguels with Bacardi chasers...)