Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Not a religion.

From Al Jazeera:

The sea level is rising twice as fast as previously forecast around parts of New Zealand, according to research published on Monday, putting the country’s two largest cities at risk decades earlier than expected... Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said adaptation planning was already under way, including budgeting for the relocation of some communities and infrastructure away from vulnerable coastlines.

“The first port of call isn’t necessarily managed retreat because there are a range of options that can be used,” she told Radio New Zealand, “We’re working alongside local government and insurers to work through who bears the costs of some of these options. The cost that needs to be borne won’t fall on one party.”

Ardern said New Zealanders should not accept that sea level rises are inevitable beyond those predicted for the near term, and every citizen should do all they can to reduce emissions and diminish the effects of climate change.

Hopefully she has tipped off the Dutch. Instead of spending all that money on flood defences, they should spend in on Tesla cars. Apparently the results are the same.


Bayard said...

I wonder how long it will be before they start killing the infidels.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, in practice, they will bore us to death or we will die of starvation because they block off all major roads and railways.

DCBain said...

Despite New Zealand's position and geology I doubt whether the cultists have considered the possibility that the sea might be staying the same but the land sinking? Maybe they should organise a Levitate For Land event by asking (ordering?) everyone there to jump up in the air at the same time, giving the land a chance to recover. Alternatively they could throw politicians and cultists overboard to lighteen the load . . .

Doonhamer said...

Now, who owns those desirable seafront properties?
Is the value of those properties going down?
Therefore I smell shite.

Mark Wadsworth said...

DCB, not so fast, young Climate Denier - they state in the Article parts of NZ islands are rising at 1mm a year and others sinking at 1mm a year. That's naught compared to catastrophic 3mm annual rise in sea levels.

Sure, people crossed thousands of miles of ocean in sailing boats to settle and/or occupy those islands, but 3mm of sea level rise will wipe them out.

Dh, good point.

Doonhamer said...

So this fluid we call sea water is choosing to rise higher in some places around NZ.
This is very worrying. There must be some very dense entities in those locations.
Maybe they should spread the pollies about more evenly.
Or is this just a reaction to the covid "you're all going to die! (© Zulu) " non event?
Look, a squirrel!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Dh, Ardern has form doesn't she? She's the Antipodean version of Wee Krankie. Hooray for Covid, we can shut down everything! Hooray for Climate Change, we can shut down even more stuff! Except North Sea oil of course, that's different somehow.

Lola said...

You should hear my Aussie mate's opinion of 'St Jacinta'. As this is a family blog common decency prevents me from quoting him.