Sunday, 9 January 2022

"Don't look up"

I had no intention of watching this film until I noticed that the Alarmists assume that this film is a parable about politicians and the media ignoring the 'Climate Crisis'.

Having misunderstood* the whole premise, The Guardian gave it two stars, describing it as a "shrill, desperately unfunny climate change satire"**.

Duly heartened, I watched it yesterday and I must say, it is gruesome and splendid. It's basically Dr Strangelove, except with a giant meteor instead of a nuclear war.

* It's quite possible that they are right and the film is supposed to be a parable for the 'Climate Crisis'. If so, the film is an epic fail on its own terms, but succeeds nonetheless because you can watch it ironically.

** For more top-drawer Guardian hand-wringing, read this article.


A K Haart said...

With Leonardo DiCaprio as one of the stars, I don't see how the Guardian could mistake it for a satire on climate change.

Mark Wadsworth said...

AKH, you mean him with the private jets? He's a creep in real life, but his character goes rapidly from heroic truth teller to total shit, which cheered me up.

Lola said...

Why are all Gruniad 'climate experts' total 'climate change' alarmists and doomsayers?

Mark Wadsworth said...

L, it goes with the territory. Anybody interested in climate and physics and weather who is not on board with The Consensus is sidelined, vilified as science denier, thrown out of their job etc.

And the G only employs or interviews True Believers.

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Robin Smith said...

Yes a good film I thought. And good analogy on Dr. Strangelove.

As it happens it was intended to promote climate alarmism. Listen to Toby Young's report on it.

But I think the art in it has shown some unexpected and accidental truth.

Call me mad if you like: if you study the bible, non literally, you can see over the aeons where the authorities redacted a lot of it to make way, but have completely missed out on removing the dangerous 'art' or metaphor which carry so much meaning. I'm not religious BTW. Topical given government disinformation on the pandemic of course. (see mass formation psychosis)

Bayard said...

I haven't watched it and have no intention of doing so, but is the plot basically that a giant meteorite is about to wipe out all life on Earth and people won't believe the scientists who are warning them and/or there are Evil People bent on covering up the impending disaster for their own ends? If so, it certainly does sound like it is intended to be a parable about (rather than a satire on) "Climate Change".

Robin Smith said...

Bayard, watch the film!

It's rather good, *even* though its climate alarmist.

Because there are some things nut cases just cannot hide and often cannot see themselves purveying. It's this that makes it so rewarding.

Watch the film.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, you are probably correct and it probably is supposed to be a parallel. But that makes it all the more enjoyable because it fails on its own terms, while succeeding in taking the piss out of itself.

RS, I think you are making a similar point?

Also, the New Testament was written by the Romans as pacifist propaganda. On that level, it's mildly interesting but contains no interesting truths in itself.

Robin Smith said...

I concur.

As well as who 'wrote' the bible and redacted so much from it before Christianity dominated our atheist thoughts.

I'm curious as to how you've not found any pearlers in both old and new testament similar to the film. You're a speed reader. This goes into it really quite well:

Bayard, have you watched it yet. Or are you holding out for fear of change?

Bayard said...

Mark, so it purports to be a parable, whilst actually being a satire. No wonder the Grauniad was so pissed off. The Alarmists don't really do humour, do they, especially not aimed at them - "The world is in danger! This is serious! How can you laugh at such a subject?".

RS, no I'm holding out because the nearest cinema is so far away and I can't be arsed to do the travelling.