Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Classic bit of BBC spitefulness

In their article headed European elections 2019: Where the parties stand on Brexit, the BBC lists parties alphabetically, so first is Change UK, then Conservatives, then Green Party and so on.

"But wait!" shouts the crowd, "Haven't they forgotten The Brexit Party?"

Nope, they are listed second to last, as their name officially begins with the letter "T".

A classic beginner's mistake by whoever registered The Brexit Party with El Comm. Sort of serves them right.
Funny story: UKIP's official name used to be "UK Independence Party UK I P" with spaces between "UK" and "I" and "P", to get within El Comm's six-word limit. That was my fine work (he said proudly). El Comm didn't follow their own stupid rules and used to write to us without the spaces, which I took great glee in correcting each time. Twats.