Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Nobody move or the exam timetable gets hurt!

Going round the silliness clock with the TES:

Pupils might have to sit their GCSEs and A-levels on later dates or at alternative sites in the “nightmare” scenario of a no-deal Brexit causing significant traffic disruption, Tes can reveal.

Exam board sources have told Tes that in the most extreme scenario of a large number of candidates not being able to sit a paper, “drastic” action could be taken to postpone the sitting across the entire country.


Penseivat said...

Why? Is the country going to run out of paper, pens, invigilating officers, or desks in the event of a no deal?
This just shows the difference between education and intelligence.
Terminal Extreme Stupidity.

Mark Wadsworth said...

P, yes, biro shortage because Brexit.

Bayard said...

Quick, stockpile biros.