Saturday, 6 April 2019

My updated dream crap-but-loveable car list

I keep a list on a post-it, which is getting increasingly grubby. I've crossed out some from my initial list and added a couple:

1. and 2. I've already got an automatic Mazda MX5 NB (98-05) and a Toyota MR2 mkIII (1998 - 2007). Best cars ever, frankly.

If money and parking space were no object, which happily they are, here are cars 3 to 7 on my dream crap-but-lovable car list:

3. MG MGF (2000-02 facelift version), a VVC if I'm allowed to be fussy, not the Trophy version with the silly spoiler.

4. MG TF (2002-05). Maybe a 160?

3/4. What I don't like about the MG TF is the front grille, which is just slots cut into the bonnet and looks 'French' somehow. The short-lived MG TF LE500 (2007-08) was an MG TF, but it had a proper MGB/MGF-style front grille. So I could merge 3 and 4 and just buy an LE500.

5. Honda Prelude fifth gen (1997-2001), pref. the Japanese Si/SiR version. I'd rather have a first gen /facelift version (ca 1982) but you can't find a decent manual one for love or money any more.

6. Honda CRX Del Sol (1992-98), with the manual targa roof. I see one of these parked on my road occasionally, they are dinky but quite cool.

7. A Peugeot 406 coupé (1997-2004). I saw one of these recently for the first time in years and they really are beautiful to look at.

I think seven's enough. Mainly manual RWD two-seaters, with a couple of automatics, FWDs and four seaters for 'balance'.


Roy G Davis said...

The 406 looks very similar to the Vauxhall Calibre

Mark Wadsworth said...

RGD, superficially yes, but the P406 is just much better looking.

Shiney said...

My current 7, money no object, list (changes over time)

1. BMW 2002tii - bloke down the road had one when I was a kid. Had Minilite wheels and Martini stripes like the Turbo version. Must've cost a fortune back then. Have wanted one ever since.

2. Lexus LS400 mk1 - the ultimate barge with SO many toys. Drove one way back and it was quieter than a library at 70mph but plant the loud pedal and it took off.

3. Toyota Chaser X100 - bonkers jap import RWD saloon with a 1JZ-GTE turbo engine like a Supra. Just becuase.

4. BMW 323i E32 - sharknose - very nice motor, that. If I could have one in two-tone green/grey with the BBS wheels, the'd be great.

5. Toyota Hiace Super Custom Limited - google it. Way better than a VW camper!

6. Ford Granada Scorpio Mk1 Cosworth 2.9 - had one as a company car back in the day.... and what a machine! Built like a tank and very, very fast in a straight line. The Cologne V6 was an absolute brute and gave you that hand in the back performance when you had enough road. Leather, toys etc plus a massive boot. Better than my colleague's BMW 5 series by a country mile.

7. Peugeot 405 Mi 16 - another ex company car. Blazingly fast and a bit weird in a French kinda way.

Shiney said...


#4 - E21 - I can't type!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Sh, that's a really good list!

Shiney said...


Yeah - keeps changing but the '02 is always top. Should've bought one years ago as good ones are rare as rocking-horse poo and therefore exceedingly expensive nowadays.

As you can also see I think those pesky Bavarians and the Toyoda chaps make exceeding good motors.... in the case if the latter if they are made in Japan.

If I could afford it I'd have a new Toyota Supra.... which is really a BMW z4 underneath and built in Austria..... therefore ticking lots of boxes.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Sh, do you mean the fifth gen 2019 Toyota Supra?

Probably fantastic cars, but they have the same stupid long bonnet/stupid tiny boot as MX5 fifth gen or BMW Z4 or lots of other cars. I'd rather sit roughly in the middle of a car.

Shiney said...


Yep - but I'd only drive it at the weekend, so not interested in the boot size.

Having said that a friend has a new Boxster which has the engine in the middle (sort of) - went for a spin last week and freakin' hell its insane... like a go-cart on steroids.

Lola said...

Any old Citroen.

Lola said...

I don't think I can do this. I've been sitting here trying to think about it and I can't do it. As I get a lot of fun racing classic sports cars any sporty on road car is just pointless. So that kicks out all the small sports cars MW likes. Can't really get interested in nearly old Beemers, except the 2002ti which is now a classic and getting costly. I do like a Landi, but it'd have to be a later Defender LWB and they are NOT cheap. What I could go for would be something mechanically simple with a big engine. You can get an old MK1 or MK2 Escort at quite low money. Deal with the rust and fit a 1600 cc plus sort the suspension all for probably less than 5k. (Mind you you could spend £ thousands on the engine.). What I do have in stock which is an absolute gem is a 2004 Yaris T Spirit auto. An absolute little sewing machine. It has a known history (three owners. Two before my family and one of those was a client) and about 80000 on the clock. It is absolutely brilliant to nip around town in. And it is for sale!!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Sh, I don't want a performance car. I'll get carried away and lose my licence. Chugging around at the speed limit is my thing.

L, no rules, you can have one car on the list or two hundred. No need to justify anything. If it's an old Citroen, it's an old Citroen.

Bayard said...

I've always hankered after a Peugeot 504 convertible,
but of course nowadays they are silly money.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, nice one. Beautiful car. It fails to make my list as they cost more than £3,000, which is my personal upper limit.

Lola said...

Either a Citroen DS Convertible

Or Citroen Dyane 6

Derek said...


1. Jaguar XJ6 series II. I drove one of these during the 1980s. It was the first automatic I ever used. But a Real Pleasure to drive.
2. Humber Hawk Series II. What can I say? I like big cars with bench seats.
3. Austin Maxi. It's a workhorse. Hatchbacks with foldable rear seats weren't that common when it came out so it stood out as a sort of combination saloon and estate car at the time.
4. NSU Ro 80. Got a chance to try one of these out in the late 1970s. It impressed me that a car weighing over a ton still pressed me right back in the seat like a sports car when I put my foot down. The original Wankel engine may have been small and unreliable but it was mighty. The styling and aerodynamics were also at least ten years ahead of their time.

Derek said...

And they were all used and relatively cheap when I owned them/drove them. Definitely piece=of-crap prices, even the Jag!

Mark Wadsworth said...

D, that's a good list. I can remember those cars, parents at school had them. Jaguar and NSU stuck with me.

ThomasBHall said...

Not quite following the rules set by MW, but more akin to Shiney. My top 10 cars that are within the realms of owning (no Ferrari F50s), in no particular order, and subject to change at any time are:
1. Saab 900 Turbo T16 (owned!)
2. Lexus LS400 mk4 (or any other LS in truth, LPG conversion good)- magic carpet waft. Snap Shiney!
3. Porsche Cayenne (sorry- even though I want to hate them, and in fact used to, the early ones look a lot of car for the money)
4. Honda CRX VTEC (early 90's hot hatch)
5. Reliant Scimitar
6. Triumph Dolomite Sprint
7. Renault Clio 182 Trophy (Owned!)
8. Alpine A110 (I know this is pushing into the realms of fantasy car, but God I want one, and with the employment of some creative man-maths, or a spousal life insurance policy cashing in, it is within realistic reach at some point in my life)
9. Fiat Panda 4x4 (early model)
10. Citroen BX GTi

Shiney said...


Nice.... like you I don't really hanker after the 'unobtainium' in cars, although several on my list are getting there.

The other consideration is that while Mrs Shiney might countenance #2 and possibly #6 (if I could find 'a nice one') the others would probably provoke suit-shredding and threats in a big way.

ThomasBHall said...


The only unobtanium I have hankered after is a Maclaren MP4 12C. Before we bought the house last year, I did consider running one for a year with some of our house deposit. I figured £10K all in for a year, to own a carbon tub 600bhp supercar would be something I wouldn't live to regret. We bought a house.

My wife has given up complaining about cars. She considers the Saab a bit of an embarrassment, and refuses to get into the Clio Trophy, but is perfectly happy for them to exist in my world at the bottom of the garden (the garage).
I think she has become aware that our E class estate family wagon is going to get changed for a Lexus LS or Cayenne quite soon, and seems resigned and uncomplaining.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I can confirm that TBH has a superb condition Saab 900 Turbo* and an awesome little orange car (Renault thingy). They are great, for very different reasons.

* The only bad part is there is no side pocket or cup holder for the back seats, so kids have nowhere to stash stuff on long journeys.

Bayard said...

Mark they didn't used to cost that much when I first came across them (mid 80s) but they've always been like rocking horse shit.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, no, but had you bought one back then, the running costs would probably have added up to more than one costs now :-)