Thursday, 29 November 2018

Nobody move or everybody and everything gets hurt!

A delicious double dose of doolally today, both from BBC front page:

A no-deal Brexit would hit UK-EU security ties and have a "real impact" on protecting the public, security minister Ben Wallace is to warn.

In a speech to law enforcement leaders, he will say the "heart of effective security is close co-operation".

Mr Wallace will say Theresa May's deal, which MPs vote on next month, sets the foundations for the most comprehensive security relationship in EU history.


Large parts of the British economy are not ready for a no-deal Brexit, Bank of England governor Mark Carney has said.

Fewer than half of businesses have initiated contingency plans, Mr Carney told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

He said the UK would need a transition period to adapt to whatever form of departure from the EU Parliament chose.

He also denied that the Bank's warning no-deal could lead to a UK recession was intended to scare people into backing his favoured form of Brexit.

Remember kids, it's not true until they deny it.


Lola said...

FYI. Chatting to an underwriting clerk at a major insurer, they reckon that they will have all their major pan European corporate clients policy wordings (to accommodate differences between UK Contract law and Civil EU law) sorted out by January 1st 2019.

So no problem than...?

Lola said...

Supplementary comment. Carney really is the most egregious liar.

Ralph Musgrave said...

I agree: this security issue is important. You can tell how concerned Sharesa the Appeaser May is about security by the fact that she lets thousands of Jihadis into the country every year.

Mark Wadsworth said...

L, of course and yes.

RM, that's wacist.