Monday, 2 July 2018

Wimbledon prize money doesn't go far these days...

From City AM:

Tennis stars are descending on Wimbledon ahead of the start of the tournament next week, but many might be disappointed to find that winning one of the most acclaimed sporting competitions in the world could not even buy them a detached house in the local area.

While winners of the men's and women's singles titles are set for a £2.25m windfall, the average cost of a detached home in Wimbledon's SW19 postcode is a far higher £2.9m.

There was another article in City AM last week explaining that lucky home owners in SW19 will earn more by renting out their homes during Wimbledon fortnight than will be paid out in prize money, but I can't track that one down.


Lola said...

'Renting out rooms' in Wimbledon. I have a cousin who has a vast 5 storey house in SW15. Not far from the AEC. They make an absolute fortune renting out rooms over the Wimbledon fortnight. In fact it's a major part of their annual income. They let the rooms out the rest of the year on longer tenancies with the condition that those tenants will vacate over Wimbledon.

Frank said...

The phraseology "...could not even buy them a detached house in the local area." sort of implies that a couple of weeks playing tennis for a few hours every other day SHOULD earn them enough to buy a house.

The world's gone mad.

Mark Wadsworth said...

L, that's pretty devious.

F, Wimbledon prize money is far more than most people earn in a lifetime, it is aa fucking shedload, that's the point.