Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Outbreak of Common Sense

A new report by the TaxPayers’ Alliance details the enormous savings to British taxpayers by legalising cannabis. The UK could save at least £891.72 million a year in reduced spending by police, prisons, courts and the NHS through pain relief treatments.

Yes, this is all old hat and sane people have been saying it for years, I'm just pleasantly surprised that the TPA, the staidest and most small 'c' conservative of all pressure groups would even broach the topic.

(A list of their recent donors might give a clue as to why the sudden change of emphasis...)


James Higham said...

Peace, man and really cool things,

- Neil

Mike W said...

Potential savings from the
legalisation of cannabis

Very good that they could take on the topic in this manner.His name is actually Ben Rama, but after a night on the bong, the writing just flowed like in old student days :)

MW Could you link to new TPA funders list you mention. Its not Rizzla is it?

Mark Wadsworth said...

JH, all those things.

MW, I don't have their donors list. I assumed it was one of these companies that is now making money from legalised cannabis in North America. But Rizla is a good guess.