Thursday, 5 April 2018

"We don’t know why deadly crime is rising in London, says government that cut 20,000 police"

Newsthump hits the nail on the head.


jack ketch said...

Call it the 'natural Tory' in me but I am always wary of the 'less Peelers= more crime' argument. I know/have known quite a few coppers and more than one has said to me that he spends about a third of his time dealing with 'Facebook shit' -the 'he said then she said then he said and OFFENDED me'. Others have commented that infact that 3rd of their 'policing' is an underestimate. Consider also the ££££££ and man hours spent on digging up the bodies of long dead celebrities and burning their rotting corpses before sticking what remains of their heads on spikes on London Bridge. The 'non specified gender' hours spent painting police cars in the nation colours of Lesbiteria.

As various girl friends have said to me; "It ain't how much you've got but how you use it that counts".

DBC Reed said...

I'd have though that we've about come to the end of the era when people believed that lower public funding would work if it was efficiently targeted by a posh school elite of the likes of David Cameron (remember him?) ,"George" Osborne and Boris Johnson.

Mark Wadsworth said...

JK, they spend too much time on crap, for sure, but are they really spending more time on crap than a few years ago? I doubt it.

DBC, nice one.

Bayard said...

JK, your comment reads to me like an argument for police officers to do less non-essential shit, not a refutation of the more cops = less crime. If you are forcing your coppers to only spend two thirds of their time doing actual policing, then more coppers still makes more time spent on actual policing. The fact that the same end could be achieved by allowing them to spend more time doing their job is neither here not there.

Derek said...

The crazy thing as far as I'm concerned is that we seem to be getting more sensible analysis from the comedy websites than from the newspapers.

mombers said...

Once the penny drops that this is going to hit house prices, something will be done :-)
The tragedy of low and regressive council tax is people don't have a say on how many police officers they would like - it's dictated by central government

Robin Smith said...

JK, nice one, and how many girlfriends do you have?

Derek, agreed. Is the media just entertainment really, and not to be taken too seriously?

Mr Rest, can any of you show me a single time in all of history where in general, punishment of crime has delivered permanent improvement. Either way, can you think of a better alternative to punishment. By all means speculate?

All, I've been seriously intimidated by the busy's on several occasions just because my 17 year old MK I Focus has no interior, dashboard, carpet, headlining, door cards and only a drivers seat and steering wheel. What's my point here?

I did a lunch and learn session at Cisco HQ recently for colleagues. The biggest question I got was "why is it so expensive", even after showing that though a poor tax, at least you get to see benefits received unlike all other taxes except biz rates. And most of these benefits are for looking after those we've already committed to adult and child social care. Much like paying for insurance. But I got lots of poker faces.

Bayard said...

"can any of you show me a single time in all of history where in general, punishment of crime has delivered permanent improvement."

We don't need to, because what we are talking about here is not greater punishment, but a greater likelihood of being caught and therefore punished, plus the deterrent effect of having a more visible presence of the law.