Monday, 14 August 2017

Fun Online Polls: The Big Ship; Charlottesville

The results to last fortnight's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

When did The Big Ship sail on the Ally-ally-oh?

The Nineteenth of September - 12%
The Last Day of September - 83%
Other, please specify - 5% (3 votes)

Derek had the best answer - it sailed on the 19th of September and sank on the last day of September, source. OK, the dates are out but at least that way the words make sense.
This week's Fun Online Poll concerns last weekend's unpleasantness:

On Saturday the president condemned hatred and violence “on many sides” in his remarks, but did not directly single out the white supremacists, whose attempt to hold a major rally in Charlottesville, Virginia resulted in the governor, Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, calling a state of emergency. Disorder including clashes with counter-protesters left more than 30 injured.

That's the key word here - counter-protestors. We observe that the president didn't single out the group who were trying to stifle other people's freedom to organise a rally/march either. Quite correctly, he remained above the fray. One wonders what sort of a frenzy The Guardian would be in if left-wingers had legitimately organised a rally/march and some right wing nutters had turned up to physically intimidate and attack them.

And so that's this week's Fun Online Poll:

"What's the correct response if people with whom you disagree organise a rally/march?"

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paulc156 said...

Neo Nazis and kkk marching in predominantly black areas is more of an incitement to violence than anything. I think a counter march is justified in some circumstances such as these where an ideology such as Nazism is involved it is in any case inherently violent and should arguably be vociferously opposed. I think Hitler said himself that the only way his movement could have been stopped was with opposition by opponents of Nazism on the streets. He stressed violent opposition in the early stages of his rise to power.

Bayard said...

"Neo Nazis and kkk marching in predominantly black areas is more of an incitement to violence than anything."

If they are looking for a fight, then the best thing to do is to boycott the march. Not just ignore it, but try and arrange that as many of the residents along the march as possible are away that day.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Godwin's Law.

paulc156 said...

MW. Godwins law, well no kidding? In a matter directly involving self professed Nazis! Well I've seen the 'subject' raised on here even when there is little connection to the subject matter and without that retort.
So happens KKK and neo nazis are closely and often proudly associated with him that shall not be named. Anti Semitic slogans and chanting were all on full view as well.

B. Maybe, but that sounds like conceding the street to a lot of folks who want to kill blacks and Jews. Without mentioning 'that other fella' I'm reminded that Oswald Mosely never quite recovered the momentum he'd had after the battle of Cable Street in 1936. Lesson learned imo. Right to free speech should have some limitations and those guys arrived heavily armed with guns and knives for that rally.

DBC Reed said...

paulc is quite right.You cannot invoke Godwin's law when professed Nazis get called Nazis.
There is too much identity politics in this and other discussions on here: only economic identities such as landowner , rent seeker etc count for anything.