Tuesday, 1 August 2017

"Farmer in his 60s is trampled to death by a bull in an accident in his fields in North Yorkshire"

That's the second one today, from The Daily Mail:

* At around 3.20pm yesterday, police were called to a field south of Hutton Rudby

* Paramedics also attended to try to resuscitate the man, who was in his 60s

* Police Inspector Dave Murray said: 'Police are investigating this tragic incident'

Not sure what the police are going to do - question all the cattle to find the guilty party and then sentence it to death?

As a mark of respect, the Mail do not say what his farmhouse is worth.


Graeme said...

It's a shock that we don't learn the value of the property. But even worse, is this the cult of the pathologist coming to rule the roost. In olden days, the filth would assume that the bull done it. Nowadays we have to get the DNA testing to rule out the chance of a racially inspired hate crime by white supremacists, just in case

Steven_L said...

In all fairness they probably asked what it is worth, but farmers like to make out they are all skint, so would have made out it was a liability by virtue of coming with a farm attached.

There's loads of skint farmers up here, tearing around in their Range Rovers to go show off their thoroughbred horses.

Mark Wadsworth said...

G, even in cases like this?

SL, exactly.

Graeme said...

Tbh, I can imagine that if this force is down on its quota of racially inspired hate crimes, they might want to claim that the bull was incensed by a hate tweet