Friday, 7 July 2017

Best news I've had all day.

From City AM:

Bookies' odds on Jacob Rees-Mogg to take over leadership of the Conservative party from Theresa May have been slashed.

His chances have been cut from 50/1 to 16/1 to be next Tory leader, according to Oddschecker.

"His growing popularity was bound to affect his chances of becoming the top-dog in the Conservative party," said Oddschecker spokesman Sam Eaton, "He is still only ninth favourite to replace May so we aren’t getting too carried away, but we do expect these odds to continue to shorten with every quirky Instagram post. Jacob Rees-Mogg has even been installed as 33/1 to become the next Prime Minister, just imagine that…”

JR-M is a brain-dead, smarmy hereditary MP and Home-Owner-Ist of the worst sort, if he gets the top job, that's the Tories out of power for an election or two. He'd take us back to the 1950s but without the affordable housing or the budget surpluses.

I liked it when I was a kid (1970s) and the two big parties took it in turns f***ing things up, that always seemed fair and democratic to me. It's when one lot keeps getting re-elected (Thatcher, Blair) that things really get bad.


Striebs said...

I remember seeing him on a TV chat show where he was sat next to a wheelchair bound woman who had obviously had very different life chances from himself .

He was so desperate to get his point across that he told her not to interrupt him .

Whilst there is no reason why he should have showed that disabled woman preferential treatment , there was no humility or humanity in his condescending tone .

This chap has had about the most advantaged and privileged upbringing from about the most well connected father that it is possible to have yet his manners are so lacking .

It reminded me a little of the story of Callaghan from a working class naval family and Tony Crossland from the establishment turning up at a foreign military parade with Crossland utterly improperly attired .

Old Jim must have been mortified . These toffs just don't seem to understand what is important to ordinary people and show it some respect .

Totally agree he is a horrible , ghastly home ownerist sort .

Are you really sure JR-M is brain dead and not just lacking a moral compass ?

Mark Wadsworth said...

S: "Are you really sure JR-M is brain dead and not just lacking a moral compass?"

Difficult to say, but probably both.

DBC Reed said...

Another thing about Rees Mogg is that he is so pretentious (Anybody notice?)
An irritating part of his schtick is :the Catholic, holier than thou, political radical in the manner of Evelyn Waugh, who, however, gave a picture of the British upper classes as totally corrupt but from a non- socialist Catholic point of view that RM does not attempt.
It is a pity that the snobby form of Catholic social theory associated with Hilaire Belloc and GK Chesterton died out.They believed in Capitalism but believed there should be many capitalists and not a few so there would be no Servile State (the name Belloc gave to the modern centralising State).They called the philosophy Distributism and the term Distributist is really exact but unusable, unfortunately.( I have a dim memory of going to the House of Lords with an extreme Lefty friend to have tea with a member of the Unservile State group).

Mike W said...

DBC, yes the Brideshead thing gets on my nerves.When I saw him on, Have I got News? I wondered if the, 'I don't get the jokes wizzing about me' look, was studied or true.

As it happens, one of my friends has a couple of sons named after Popes. But we joked whether he would actually go for Pious after Gregory.

We should be careful what we wish for, but I would like him to stand for PM. A good old fracture along 17th century, High Catholic/Prody lines can surely only help the Tory party right now :)

Perhaps he can promise a better deal with the Spanish over Gibraltar?

DBC Reed said...

I can never understand the Brideshead craze. Their whole Catholic family goes down the tubes because of the mother's piety: the father runs off to Italy and lives with a mistress; the older son and heir gets conned into marrying an older woman who is past child bearing age so no "succession"; the younger son starts off gay and pleasantly dissipated but gets worn down by guilt; the older daughter can't marry the man she loves because he is not a believer; the younger daughter grows prematurely old with good works.