Thursday, 1 June 2017

Schrödinger's Prime Minister

From The Metro:

THERESA MAY said she was too busy ‘talking to voters’ to take part in last night’s TV leaders’ debate... adding that she wanted to talk to the public. She said: ‘He ought to be paying a little more attention to thinking about Brexit negotiations. That’s what I’m doing.’

The third possibility is that was she busy talking to voters (from 8 'til 9 in the evening) while thinking about Brexit negotiations. And presumably you can talk to more voters by knocking on doors for two hours than by appearing on the telly, which is Diane Abbot style maths.


Lola said...

My view of May is that she was a barely adequate prefect who has suddenly found herself as head girl and is completely out of her depth.

Bayard said...

I'd agree with you on May being out of her depth, but she wasn't exactly standing on the bottom when she was home secretary, by all accounts.

Lola said...

B. I did say '..a barely adequate prefect..'