Friday, 10 March 2017

The Disappearing Homes Conundrum. On steroids.

Via Peter Smith on FB, from Landlord Today:

Mr Hannah observed, ‘... the government continues to break down the [buy-to-let] sector that has absorbed change and provided homes for those who simply either cannot afford or do not wish to commit to homeownership.

With the sector currently in its fourth consecutive quarter of decline, paired with a fall in homeownership rates, we are fast approaching a new type of housing crisis.’

Well fuck me! Are homes actually ceasing to exist? The way that his contradictory statements can be reconciled is to assume that there has been a corresponding increase in people in council housing, which is news to me.


Lola said...

And then there's this...
No comments allowed. Obviously.

Bayard said...

"He wants to see, ‘an accessible, flexible and affordable housing supply’ and feels, ‘the private rental sector, where buy-to-let landlords are a major contributor, provides just that.’[1]"

So would social housing, if the government weren't so determined to flog it all off at undervalue.

BTW, that [1] at the end is a weird circular reference that references the same article as it appears in.