Saturday, 11 March 2017

Nun Too Many?

I have to admit I think this is brilliant.

A cosmic, Catholic joke that would be fit to grace the best Father Ted episode. I am about to go down to the fancy dress shop and see if I can fake a few of these pictures myself, and earn a quid or two back from the BBC to pay my license fee. A version of 'cosmic' that feels appropriate to me I might add!

I have got Blackfriars covered (although I suspect the BBC will censor that one). Victoria is too easy, boring even.

But for the real, top of the range gag, and if I have enough money for the costume deposits, I will go for a twenty stooge, Waterloo turnout, in full 1815, Bearskin, Blue, Imperial Guard* outfits. Unless you have anything better of course.

*I know the Imperial Guard was a whole Division numbering thousands in 1815.  Twenty outfits is all I can afford. So it models the Guards at teatime on the day of the battle. After Wellington had shot them all to pieces.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Black friars. Genius.

ThomasBHall said...

You might be censored at cockfosters too.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Od do the All Saints at All Saints or get Al Green to go to Bethnal Green with somebody called Beth.

Steven_L said...

Can't you just snap an empty platform and photoshop it? I'm convinced the MSM routinely fall for photoshop pranks now (or just don't care as long as they get hits).

James Higham said...

Yes, a good one.

JohnM said...

At first I assumed you were trying to recreate
this. The "bearskin" misled me.

JohnM said...

... at Waterloo station of course

Mike W said...

JohnM, Nice pic, hard to come up with anything new. But I did mean this sort of thing:

But where am I going to get twenty, camp,out of work actors, in London?
TBH, winner: reduce the budget and go with CockFosters Station. Actor in the beer can outfit sits on the bench at the station. I will email twenty of the most venal MPs and tell them that a representative of Fosters is at the station, with a brown envelope, wants a meet(you can't miss him)tomorrow, and snap the first MP that sits down next to the can. Job done.Post to the BBC.

Stephen Bayliss said...

Morph suit for Turnham Green?