Thursday, 16 March 2017

'Everything is all right, offshore and out of sight'. As the Song Goes!

You just have to admire the new, Irish economic miracle highlighted by the 2017, Major Foreign Holders of US Bonds figures here:

I must admit that the once common Japanese, then Chinese, consumer electronics goods around my house have been quietly, unnoticed, replaced with the ''Made in Ireland" logo. Only the Kerry Gold butter in my trendy, new red fridge (made in Cork), still has the Chinese moniker on it. 

These figures clearly demonstrate Ireland's growing industrial muscle in the world. Thank god its not all banking fraud and corporation tax 'avoidance' this time Enda? Isn't it Enda?Enda?


Mark Wadsworth said...

Well spotted!

Rich Tee said...

Ireland even beating Cayman Islands, Switzerland and Luxembourg in the manufacturing stakes. Go Ireland!