Tuesday, 1 November 2016

"Wealthy southerners inconvenienced by wrong kind of cow "

Via Julia M, from The Telegraph:

A Highland cow by the name of Rica caused gridlock for commuters in Dorking on Monday morning when she went on the run around the Surrey town.

Drivers on the A24 slowed to a halt shortly before 9am after Rica, who is five feet tall and weighs half a tonne, escaped from the field where she lives and started making her way northbound up the busy main road.

She eventually turned off into a cul-de-sac and was tracked down by police officers, who found her casually grazing in a local resident’s front garden.

The whole tone of the article suggests that the genteel burghers of the stockbroker belt wouldn't have minded so much if it had been a classy southern cow like a Jersey cow, but a rogue cow from the Highlands? Really! What's the neighbourhood coming to?


A K Haart said...

Highland cows are docile, just the job for genteel burghers.

Bayard said...

Yes, but they have big scary horns.

Mark Wadsworth said...

AKH, I wouldn't know, never having been attacked by either a highland or a jersey cow.

B, who, the stockbrokers?

pen seive said...

AKH, but too good for ordinary burgers.
MW,not everyone in that part of the country is a stockbroker. If it had happened in Liverpool, there would be a few domestic barbecues going on.
Just imagine if drastic action had to be taken? A press report that Police had shot and killed a Highland cow would have the SNP in uproar at the possible loss of their leader.