Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Fun Online Polls: Hard Brexit

The results to last week's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

Which kind of Brexit would you like?

Hard - 63%

Soft - 4%
Runny - 3%
Scrambled - 10%
Poached - 1%
Fried - 4%
Burned - 8%
The vegetarian option please - 8%

That's conclusive, a good turnout of 120 and thank you to everybody who took part. Other suggestions included "Burned bridges", "Over easy", "Scorched earth", "We knead to make dough with a Bistro Brexit", "Fully blitzed like a smoothie" and "Quick". I'm sure that most of those aren't egg recipes, but hey.
What is interesting though is that we are now seeing exactly the same response as we had to Project Fear; if TPTB over egg the pudding, then people just go the other way out of sheer bloody mindedness.

So while the Three Brexiteers and UKIP are merrily banging on about Hard Brexit (whatever that means), it's not the UK as a whole who is pushing for this. As far as I can see, it is Merkel, Hollande, Juncker et al who are doing political grandstanding and saying they can't and won't make compromises, it's all or nothing etc.

As a moderate Leaver i.e. pretty much representative of UK mainstream opinion (for once), it seems inevitable that if the EU leaders are going to try and bully us and ignore the possible cost to their own economies, this will merely provoke the response in the UK that the EU can go f--- themselves, which is not really an optimal outcome for anybody.

So that's this week's Fun Online Poll.

"Which is more likely to push the UK into a 'Hard Brexit'?"

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James Higham said...

There is only one type - Brexit.

DBC Reed said...

We will be forced into a hard Brexit by our unelected government which has interpreted the confused message of the referendum as an imperative mandate to frighten "foreign" nationals out of the country to provide British racists with job opportunities in agriculture they can't afford to take because of their lovely big mortgages and skilled jobs which they aren't qualified to do.

Bayard said...

DBCR, have you considered that Theresa May is "drowning the cat in cream" - deliberately going for the worst form of Brexit (hard, xenophobic) in order to discredit the idea as governments have so successfully done so many times over the last few years with other concepts? By the time we get to the "button pushing" stage, there will be so much popular feeling against Brexit that a new referendum can be called and the whole thing consigned to the dustbin of history. Luckily, it shouldn't save the Tories, though, who will, with luck get the deserved blame for the whole shambles, from start to finish.

DBC Reed said...

I admit I had not thought of this ruse, but May would look such a prat and would incur the fixed enmity of so many of the knuckle-dragging xenophobe types as to put herself in actual danger. Didn't de Gaulle do the dirty on the Algerie Francais fascists who had brought him to power? Led to Night of the Generals scenario didn't it?

Bayard said...

Well, she could have already squared it with all the eminences grise, so, if she looks a prat to the country who cares? All the Bremainers will forgive her, she can resign and go on the after-dinner speaker circuit. I don't suppose she reckons the knuckle-draggers are a threat.