Monday, 4 July 2016

Well. Yes. Obviously.

Here  Try and ignore that fact that this is Osborne.  You know the idiot that gave more arbitrary powers to HMRC.  That thought that Help to Buy was a Good Idea.  That increased VAT to 20%.  Etc. etc. You know, That idiot.

It is the EU that has the problem.  Not the UK.  We will and can become the largest and most efficient and dare I say it, honest, off shore financial centre on the planet.

On top of which cutting taxes on everyone - and if he had the wit (yes, I know I know - he hasn't) switch taxes from labour and capital to land rents - there would be no stopping us.

Will it happen. No. No with Osbrown in charge it won't.  Why? Because. He. Is. An. Idiot.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed. And not just an idiot, but a corrupt idiot.

Bayard said...

So that's the saving on EU membership blown, then.

mombers said...

Killer Argument For VAT - NOT:

mombers said...

If only people knew that basic rate tax on £11k+ labour income is now 40.5% after the apprenticeship levy. Then Gideon would have to explain why those able to dress up income as not from labour get an ever favourable treatment.

Mark Wadsworth said...

M, nice try, but I see you earned yourself a "VAT is passed on consumers and not borne by businesses" for your troubles.

And the basic rate is not 40.5%, it;s about 50% if you include VAT.