Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Uh oh. A 'not quite getting it' quote

From here

"Our trade deficit might make some EU countries reluctant to risk tariffs by cutting us out of the single market completely. And an implicit threat to turn Britain into a low-tax, loosely regulated competitor on the EU’s doorstep might concentrate minds on striking a deal."
In truth that is exactly what we need. In fact everyone everywhere needs.  Low taxes and a whole lot less regulationism.  The writer seems to think that this something to be bargained away.  Which is worrying for post Brexit UK and liberty.


Derek said...

Lola, the whole Brexit thing is a great opportunity. Given the right changes in policy, changes which can only be made outside the EU, it could lead to great prosperity for everyone in the country. Unfortunately the chances of those changes in policy happening are almost non-existent.

As a result I fear that the opportunity will be lost, and while the results may not be absolutely disastrous, neither will they be great.

Everyone living in Britain should be very worried.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Indeed and agreed.

But as Derek says, our pol's will seize the opportunity to make things worse.

Bayard said...

"our pol's will seize the opportunity to make things worse."

That's about as close to a certainty as you can get in politics.

Physiocrat said...

That is no reason why good ideas should not be given an airing. If even a few of them are taken up, it will benefit everyone.

One of the worst things to do would be retaliatory tariffs. A tariff is a self-punishment.