Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The revolving door spins ever faster...

There's a good article in The Daily Mail on the topic.

Here's the pithiest bit:


SIR NICHOLAS MACPHERSON: The former permanent secretary at the Treasury will become chairman of C Hoare & Co, a two-day a week position at Britain’s oldest bank. It has been accused of helping the wealthy cut inheritance and capital gains tax bills

SIR DANNY ALEXANDER: He was Chief Secretary to the Treasury before losing his Liberal Democrat seat in last year’s general election. He has been taken on by the Chinese-run Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as vice-president and corporate secretary

SIR ERIC PICKLES: The Communities Secretary from 2010 to 2015 has been cleared to become director of a recycling and waste management company Leo Group. He spent his time in Cabinet trying to persuade councils not to axe weekly bin collections. But ACOBA said there was no conflict of interest because recycling was the responsibility of the Energy Department

NICK CLEGG: The former Deputy Prime Minister and Lib Dem leader has been given the go-ahead to take up six positions. They include working for News Presenters Ltd as a speaker, writing a column for the London Evening Standard, and starting a think-tank

SIR ED DAVEY: The ex-Lib Dem Energy Secretary can take up five posts. These include chairman of Mongoose Energy, a renewable energy firm, and consultant for MHP Communications, which has dealt with EDF Energy. He signed a money-spinning deal with EDF to build Hinckley Point nuclear power plant when in office.

They're all cashing in on the favours they did while in office. Bastards.