Thursday, 14 July 2016

Spot the Stupidity


"...There must be short-term, substantial tax cuts to boost growth, ..."

Look, son.  If tax cuts boost growth, as you admit, why must they be 'short term'?  Why aren't they forever?


Ben Jamin' said...

I just saw the name Alister Heath, and didn't bother to read the rest. Thinking about what he has written isn't his strong point (does the man have any point?).

Lola said...

BJ Fair point.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Heath is indeed a moron.

Bayard said...

"Why aren't they forever?"

Because there's only so long you can go without feeding the leeches.

Ralph Musgrave said...

Heath doesn’t distinguish between tax cuts matched by spending cuts, and in contrast, tax cuts NOT MATCHED by spending cuts (which would mean an increased deficit).

But then I wouldn’t expect Telegraph journalists to understand the basic book-keeping entries involved in deficits, national debts etc. In fact I’d be surprised if they could tie their own shoe laces.