Thursday, 7 July 2016

Splendid website for people who like cars and statistics, which, for example, enables you to calculate the chance of any particular model of car conking out in the next year.


Lola said...

O/T . Fascinating Stats Department. I have often mused that someone ought to collate all the speed camera lives saved announcements. I started to but really don't have the time. Nevertheless I am fairly sure that if the lives so saved p.a. were set against lives lost on the roads p.a. you could only assume that people, road users, were spontaneously coming into existence all over the UK.

The Cowboy Online said...

My very first car was a Mitsubishi Colt GTI 16V, and for a while I've thought I'd like to buy another one, to enjoy a trip down memory lane. Alas, looking at that site, it doesn't look like it'll happen. 333 models registered in 2001, down to 1 in 2015.