Friday, 1 July 2016

Fun Online Polls: UKIP MEPs & future Prime Ministers

The results to last week's poll were as follows:

Now that their mission is accomplished, will UKIP MEPs resign en masse and renounce their Euro-pensions?

Yes of course, they are all honourable people - 11%
Er…well… - 89%

I'm with the majority on this one, there were some quite angry comments at the poll though.
Politicians are taking themselves far too seriously again; they imagine that the Brexit vote means were are in some sort of "crisis" and therefore they have to rearrange some deck chairs and we'll all love them again.

Fact is, most people don't care either way and in practice, there won't be much difference between Bremaining and Brexiting. Is Switzerland really that different to Austria? A bit? Yes. A lot? No. is Switzerland 'better' or 'worse' than Austria - that depends on what you like.

Nontheless, both the major UK parties have decided to play musical chairs at the top and we are going to have to put up with whoever they choose.

So that's this week's Fun Online Poll:

"Please indicate the ones you would definitely NOT like to see as Prime Minister."

Deselect the ones you really can't stand here or use the widget in the sidebar.


Frank said...

I selected, or de-selected as you put it, all of them. Is that the right answer? Do I win a prize? :-)

mombers said...

If I had to choose a Tory, I'd choose a conservatory.

Mark Wadsworth said...

F, yes but you will have to share it with many others

M, fair point but the most important Tory is the lavatory, can't live without one.

Mike W said...

That's funny Mark,

As an accountant I would have thought you would vote for inventory.
But you have gone for the bog standard answer instead.

Mark Wadsworth said...

MW, good one. I was taking the piss.

mombers said... - a fairly definitive list.

Mike W said...


Thanks for the link. Jokes (even the 'crap' ones here)=Meta context. A simple list shows why AI type bots cannot ever take over.


Thanks for the kind words - I feel flush.


DBC Reed said...

It seems to be taken for granted that Jeremy Corbyn has nothing to say, apart from material for "humour". But the Brexit enterprise started of as a hard left project back in the 70's , focusing on the EU's anti union, anti Keynesian, anti State enterprise rigidities which they saw as inimical to the British mixed economy or more leftish versions.This tradition remained very much alive and Bob Crow formed a NO2EU political party which fought European elections on a similar platform. The day before the Referendum, The Guardian printed a letter from Mp's and Trade Unionists entitled "The Labour case for a leave vote tomorrow" which reiterated the concern with "The ban on state aid"; " Austerity, which is a foundation stone of the EU".
All of this serious radical criticism of the EU's basic economics from the left gets no hearing whatsoever, although May and then Osborne have dropped austerity like a shot by dumping the fiscal targets (or we can't borrow at a time of near zero interest rates).
Corbyn can lead the long delayed (by self-seeking Tory idiots)discussion of the real issues.He is also a Land Taxer and McDonnell, whom he appears to rely on ,is a member of the Labour Land Campaign.

Mike W said...


Agreed, Agreed, Agreed.That is the issue.

This is the sad state of affairs. The whole labour leader attack is about Democracy. The PLP will have to come after the 350,000+ members next! Anti democratic activity that the members will not forgive or forget whatever the outcome. Never mind not understanding a referendum, these Blairites simply have no respect for any vote that does not rubber stamp what they say or want. Let Corbyn fail,I say, but it has to be at an election.That's the contract we made.

Folks here,I can confirm Corbyn, will discusss LVT with you. I know, because when I met him that is all I wanted to know. I asked directly, 'Can LVT/Henry George be on a Labour reform agenda in some form'. He said it could.Note, Unlike other Labour members he did not ask,'George who? And brielfy mentioned the LVT papers his team had.

How are some of you chaps getting along with LVT at your local Tory party?

Lola said...

MikeW. Badly. But better than I expected.

Lola said...

MikeW. Badly. But better than I expected.

Bayard said...

Lola, what's up with your computer, it seems to be on echo mode?

Mike W said...


Be careful, my lot are interested once you start down the road of what HG may mean. You, in contrast, may be in personal danger once shire cogs start turning! :)