Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Nobody move or the poorest countries get it!

Emailed in by MBK, from The Sun:

Fuelling the Tory civil war, Mr Osborne also mounted a direct attack on leading Tory Brexiters by claiming they think an economic shock is “a price worth paying”.

The Chancellor told them: “It’s not your wages that will be hit, it’s not your livelihoods that will go, it’s not you who will struggle to pay the bills. It’s the working people of Britain who will pay the price if we leave the EU.”

The World Bank also yesterday warned that Brexit is one of the biggest threats facing the poorer countries in developing world. The British economy’s stability “is really important for the global economy”, its head Dr Jim Yong Kim said.

Words fail.


Lola said...

Surely to God, the Great British Public won't be taken in by this crap? Surely?

Rich Tee said...

Judging by the poll published by the Daily Telegraph today, the threats are working. It was probably the house price one wot done it.

Mark Wadsworth said...

L, we will see on 24 June.

RT, that's a shame. If we assume the house price story is true (which it probably isn't), then my dream is that it will galvanise younger people to voting Brexit (which won't happen but we can all dream).

Random said...

Mark, 23 June :)


Mark Wadsworth said...

R, do you think they will have finished counting on the day of the vote?