Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Fun Online Polls: Project Fear & Fire extinguishers

The responses to last fortnight's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

What are the likely outcomes of Brexit?
Putin & ISIS expand their empires - 9 votes
A new European civil war - 6 votes
End of Scottish whisky distilling - 5 votes
No more new school buildings - 6 votes
End of UK pharmaceutical industry - 5 votes
End of UK beef farming - 5 votes
Global habitat endangered - 7 votes
House prices crash - 6 votes
Interest rates shoot up - 7 votes
Boarding schools close down - 4 votes
Holiday costs would soar - 9 votes
Sterling would tank - 11 votes
UK becomes haven for terrorists - 5 votes
Mass unemployment - 6 votes
All of the above and worse - 30 votes
None of the above - 138 votes

Total voters - 182 voters

Top comments:

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Henry Law
That is only the start.
* Birmingham will be wiped out by a large meteorite.
* Manchester will be flattened by a magnitude 8 earthquake.
* The south coast will be devastated by a tsunami.
* There will be an explosion in the rat population and London will be hit by an epidemic of bubonic plague.
* Sterling will tank and soar at the same time so that nobody will be able to afford British goods.

We don't want to scare people unecessarily.

Wigner's Friend

You missed:
Plague of locusts.
Death of all first born sons
Water turning to blood
And 7 others.

This week's Fun Online Poll.

"What are fire extinguishers most commonly used for?"

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