Tuesday, 1 December 2015

[Xmas lights] Before and after.


Mark Wadsworth said...

I dunno now. I did it with seven hooks and hung them zig zag.

Maybe I should have used twelve hooks and had the rows parallel for neatness.

James Higham said...

Aw, that's sweet.

TheFatBigot said...

Take them down, it's too early.

Bayard said...

Can we have a fun online poll on when's the right time to put up your Christmas lights/decorations?

Mark Wadsworth said...

TSB, no it's not. 1 Dec is the perfect time for putting up Xmas decs.

B, question? Answers?

Bayard said...

Q: When's the right time to put up your Christmas lights/decorations

A1: November
A2: 1st December
A3: Mid December
A4: Late December
A5: Christmas Eve
A6: Never

TheFatBigot said...

A treat isn't a treat if it goes on for too long.

When I was very young my father always had to work on Christmas Eve, but only a half-day. Then he would buy the Christmas tree and arrive home to find us all in a great froth of excitement because Christmas was really starting.

Once, but only once, I put my tree up two weeks before Christmas. By the time the day arrived everything felt rather stale.

These days I find 7 days is about right.

Nothing will be taken down before Twelfth Night or the weekend before Twelfth Night, depending on the day of the week on which it falls.

The FatBigot familial brigade arrives here on Christmas Eve by which time lights and some decorations are on the tree. A number of baubles, including the few that still survive from my childhood, are kept back to be hung by the younger generation on Christmas Eve.

It's just the way we do it, but it matters to me and my siblings that decorations should not be completed before that day because we remember our late father's arrival with a tree on Christmas Eve being the real start of Christmas.

Mark Wadsworth said...
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Mark Wadsworth said...

B, thanks.

TFB, my Dad was also a miserable bastard who did the "tree from 24/12 to 6/1 routine" and it was shit then and it would still be shit now. 1/12 to 31/12 is the new official Xmas period as agreed between me and my daughter (we are the ones in the household who take Xmas seriously).

And it is supposed to get stale! That is the whole point! That means by end of Dec you've had enough of Xmas, you don't really mind taking everything down again on 31/12 or 1/1 and it is not such a wrench going back to work in January.