Thursday, 15 October 2015

Movie Review: Knocked Up

I started watching this the other night and almost instantly felt like giving up on it. It's a film where a guy that looks like Seth Rogen:-

but without the fame and money of Seth Rogen (and actually a slacker) picks up a woman that looks like Katherine Heigl. And a successful TV person played by Katherine Heigl at that:-

and manages to have sex on the first date.

I wouldn't have even minded if it was a story about the nerdy, slightly overweight guy with hidden depths of bravery or skills. But he literally had nothing to offer a hot successful woman.

It wasn't even a great story and I only laboured through because of the charms of Heigl and Leslie Mann, and the odd moment where Jonah Hill made me laugh pretty hard. There weren't a lot of laughs and it finished in the most ridiculous fashion, where this stoner loser walked into a desk job in an internet company in LA and managed to afford a flat right away that was big enough for the two of them and a baby.


L fairfax said...

A bit like sliding doors where the two timing boyfriend didn't like he could one very attractive girlfriend let alone two.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed, terrible plot. But it's got Kathy Heigel in it.

Anonymous said...

@ The Stigler. Spoiler alert!!! Sounds like crap so makes no odds I suppose.

L Fairfax. I couldn't watch Sliding Doors all the way through but the male lead in that had a boyish charm about him. Lovable rogue sort. That and he has a look that plenty of women would go for, though there are none on this forum who could confirm that.

L fairfax said...

My wife couldn't see it but I guess you could be correct.

The Stigler said...


Not seen it. I probably should because I rather like films that play around with timelines.


It's 8 years old, so I think that's long enough to not have a film "spoiled". Plus spoilers are about great endings where you don't see it coming, and it's obvious where it's going to end up.