Saturday, 17 October 2015

Marginal Seats

This has also been added to the Quick Links in the sidebar, but a friend of mine that does various internet and computing stuff has created a website that shows all the Marginal Seats of the last election. It's sortable and filterable by parties.

One thing it does show is that UKIP really aren't the next force in politics. They only have 5 seats where they are within 5000 votes, and 2 of those are in solidly Labour areas.



Random said...

The Tories won a lot of UKIP voters back between January and May 2015.
But we do have an EU referendum.

Bayard said...

The Tories have by far and away the most ultra-safe seats (margin 15000 plus) and every single one of them in England. England is indeed a Tory country.